Shame on us

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I went to Dominican Rep This year I was so emotional when I saw country who share a border with us was advanced and we way at back i had anger inside of me. y'all goverment and the one before you traveled around the world y'all see things why you guy don't take those experience or things y'all come with make haiti become better country cuz i do not think Haiti right is a Nation" Sorry for saying dat" but dat how I felt right.

Last year i went to St marc the road are so bad you can not make a difference between the road and house over there it was all dusty and their was no tree what so ever. the road was so small two cars can not fit you have to wait on the side for the other car pass by you. I think best think to do is open the road make two or three lane each way and put a toll for each city you exit. With dat we going to have better road, more job, food we come and go, and with the money we make you can fix the road. i got more Idea maybe another day. I think evry parties should have plan explain to the public when they are campaigning.

Junior, May 10 2008, 3:25 PM

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Fremzolove2be, 10-May-08 4:58 pm
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Will Rosenberg, 10-May-08 7:59 pm
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Will Rosenberg, 10-May-08 8:19 pm
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Fremzolove2be, 11-May-08 11:07 am
Dear Compatriot, Because of your candor and strong acknowledgment of Haiti's problem which with your honest of hearts... read more >
Wilgeens Will Rosenberg, 11-May-08 2:54 pm
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Will Rosenberg, 11-May-08 3:08 pm
What??? are you insane that douche bag is an ugly narcissist who want to do an other coup deta in Haiti does it look... read more >
Haitian 4 Life, 13-Nov-08 2:07 pm


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