Rene Preval Sworn in



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Rene Preval Sworn in

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Rene Preval sworn in as Haiti's new president, pledges to unite the country

Haitian President Rene Preval in Port-au-Prince, Sunday. (CP/Fred Chartrand)

20:13:07 EDT May 14, 2006

Haitian President Rene Preval in Port-au-Prince, Sunday. (CP/Fred Chartrand)


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti 20:13:07 EDT May 14, 2006 (CP) - Rene Preval, the only elected president in Haiti's history to finish his term, was sworn in Sunday to again lead the impoverished country in its latest attempt at democracy after decades of armed uprisings, lawlessness and foreign intervention.

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Lalmia says...

i'm haitian and i can say it he is not a good

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Jude Anselme says...

The tag says it all "Haitian-American" have a slave mentality and come across as real ignorant.

Living in America, you became "soft" and comfortable and now you're asking for an "educated foreigner" to come and run the country of your ancestors...I pity all of you "Haitian-Americans" (if there is such a

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Haitian American says...

Rene Preval is not qualified to be president.

He does not have the knowledge, th e capacity to run Haiti one can see. What happens to Haiti for the last three years, thing sare become worst that there already were. We need an independent educated haitian to be president.

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Boss says...

ok i like these picture i see be cause i see my president talk with alot of president and i want him to let the people what he think for us be they want help for this

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