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Hey Mathieu Herisse, ass hole, b4 bblaming the mullattoes for...

hey Mathieu Herisse, ass hole, b4 bblaming the mullattoes for all haitian problem, think about yourself judging by the... more »

Hey benjamin, ass hole, i guest you also blame the mullatoes...

hey benjamin, ass hole, i guest you also blame the mullatoes for your skin color; as long as you think that all the... more »

Impots taxes et education:

Cela ne me surprend pa! Bien que le gouvernement doive se procurer de l'argent pour fonctionner, je pense que le taux... more »

La visite de Sarkozy

Zanj, Je suis entierement d'accord avec vous. On doit jouer de la politique! Apres avoir lu et relu votre post, J'ai... more »

Double nationality

Gros mornes, Double nationality would be very good for the country. The economic advantage is huge...That will help... more »

Welcome back Move Zanj

MOVE ZANJ, Welcome back! I guess the cooling off period is over! No longer boiling! we have missed you here..... your... more »

Zanj la Toujou: he is still boiling!!!!

Brother Zanj. Je partage ta nostalgie! Tu as bien raison d'etre en flamme! Vraiment, la seul peur que nous avions fut... more »

Kote Moze Zanj!

Even when I disagree with Move Zanj on certain issues, I miss him! I never reply to his posts, but I read them! Move... more »

Bravo siter!

Linda, I always read your comments and find something that makes me think. Your comments carries some weight and are... more »

Tortuga and other interesting places to visit.

Thanks for your post about L'Ile de la Tortue (Tortuga). We haitians abroad would like to visit our country, but the... more »

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