You stated: A- Many of us who left Haiti have done so for...

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You stated: A- Many of us who left Haiti have done so for political, economical or educational.

My reply: Since when being granted political asylum, looking for economical survival and to get an education here in the US required for one to have to be a US citizen?

You Stated: A few left because they have stolen from the public coffers seek shelter on foreign land to escape justice.

Do you call that abandonment or a strategy for survival.

My reply: It is for possible reasons such as this that many Haitians want to have the DUAL CITIZENSHIP ALLOWANCE so that they can do just that, flee and quit in the event or after they would fail the Country.

They want to have a back up plan Country and one foot in one foot out kind of policy available to them.

Your statement: Why would I feel guilty for leaving the country to come here for a better life.

My reply: Since when did coming here for a better life means to reject your nationality?

Those whom have made it by simply being Green Card holders have not achieved that goal of attained a better life?

Your statement: Circumstances force many of us to "naturalize" for many reasons.Most of us come here young and work hard.

My reply: No circumstances are deemed necessary to renounce your native citizenship unless with intent you have desire to do so...

No circumstances have ever forced one to become a naturalized US or any other Countries' citizen given that one voluntarily pays for the process, wait within the transitional process and at even at the very end it is still a matter of choice.

One choses to become a Naturalized Citizen and not ever forced.

Upon choosing to do so perhaps for better jobs or certain desirable lifestyle.

Most Haitians just feel proud to say that they have an American passport expecting special treatments when they go to Haiti starting from or at the Airport.

You stated: We get married and have children etc...

I reply: It does not require for you to become a US citizen anywhere to get married nor to have children.

As a matter of fact, if your children are born here they are considered American thus already have the certain opportunity any American citizen would and could have that you do not have to become a US citizen yourself.

For example after long thought about desiring a US military career, I became a US Citizen in other for me to move the ladder of ranks since I am in Officer's School as a Cadet.

I made a choice and decision and if I feel the need to go to Haiti to run for office or some high Office position, I know of what I have and must do to adhere to Haiti's constitutional laws which it provides.

I would have to once again denounce my US citizenship and re-apply to become a Haitian citizen, I would have to live in Haiti for the consecutive five years and hold a function that will serve credible enough for be to build a certain political reputation or resume before ever think about running a campaign or candidacy in any kind of election.

Will Rosenberg, July 16 2008, 6:11 PM

Topic: Correction for my last post.

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