Why Haiti is more of the same

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Since the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank which is by the way a private Multi-National corporation controlled by the Bilderberg group, the club of Rome and most notably Rothschild, Warburg, Lazard Frères, JP Morgan and Rockefeller, the stage has been set to either get onboard or be catapulted overboard.

And, the way for any government to get onboard is to allow unfeathered access and unconditional privatization of all national assets and resources with a continuous unsurmountable debts by means of the World Bank and FMI. That explains why countries refusing to privatize and surrender their financial institutions and resources are subject to Wars and threats.

Be mindful that the IRS is nothing but the enforced collector arm for the Federal Reserve Bank; that is why most, if not all taxes collected are fed to the Federal Reserve Bank for debts of a Fiat currency.

Even America is not exempt from this calculated globalist agenda.

Most importantly my friends, the globalists' primary focus these days are energy resources, and every single War that is going to be fought will be an effort to control energy resources as was the case with Iraq, and very soon Iran. AIPAC is beating the drums of War for America to attack Iran. Further more, any oil producing country speculating from the Petro Dollar to any other currency will be considered a most severe threat to World peace, and therefore will be dealt with accordingly.

I am a patriot and I love America and Haiti.

By the way, I have no party affiliation.

Who can identify the quote below?

"En d'autres termes, c'est la théologie de la libération qui devient un levier capable de soulever toute une jeunesse, contre une génération corrompue, contre une mentalité d'église ou de société tout cours, coté que c'est la corruption qui apparait dans l'écran qu'on contemple, mais compromis quand on est Chrétien."

Ti Rouge, July 5 2008, 3:33 PM

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