Saint Preux you need to do some serious updating

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There is no longer a food crisis in Haiti, that was in April, we are in June.
None of those candidates listed on your blog are running for the American presidency except for Obama and Mc.Cain (USA Political Blog) No one talking about Boulos he is history.

I do not understand why the recent comments and hot topics are at the bottom of the page where nobody can see them. and what does these labels that precedes the following is just plain annoying.

we should be able to navigate to archives right away instead of having to look for it.
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Beatrix, June 8 2008, 2:13 AM

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We are trying to make the website very easy to navigate We will set up the site the as you want, the way that is... read more >
Staff Preval Haiti .com, 8-Jun-08 1:26 pm


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