All that you have said there are beyond the point. No one says...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - June 5 2008, 2:50 AM

All that you have said there are beyond the point.

No one says that anybody is above the law as no one should be above the law. However you imbecile filth of mucus, Haiti and Haitians seem to have this dechoukay mentality always want for Government to resign simply because you oppose such a Government which always put the Country three step back from the one step forward it has made. As long somebody is not an "AVIE DICTATOR" they have a mandated term, you let them finish their terms, period.

Laslty, since you do not personally know me and we are not friends do not ever refer to me as Blanc again.

My nick name, that is to be used by only people with brains to know what Democratic Fundamentals are. I am not for nor against Preval, I simply believe in allowing a government to complete their terms unless you can bring a charge against that President you would have to use the proper chanel such as get it to go through the Haitian Parliament or Senate which even them are as corrupted crooks.

You have very little insight of the real aspect of the deep level of corruption in Haiti you naive piece of premature and defected fetus.

If you want to insult any president, at least have some class about it.


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