Haiti Preval to quit before 2011 term"

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"Blanc" as of referring to Wilgeens Rosenberg,

I thought of you as being an intelligent individual by reading your writings but obviously you're not. You are a scam bag butt kissing low life person of the Preval "fant bou da KK" with respect to many of you civilize readers.

I apologies if anyone is offended.

Just because someone is constitutionally elected doesn't mean that they are above the law to abuse and misuse their power?

I totally disagreed with your statements against this presidential hopeful Montresor 2011 and I'll prove my point to your ignorant passivity of thoughts.

For one, he never calls on the Haitian people to take the street and terrorize the country unlike previous candidates and political organizations.

You are a Dominican traitor and I don't believe you to be as Haitian as you claimed to be and you show no ability or, talent of politics.

"Reading is good for you so keep reading" but remember true talent is God given gifts that you cannot often obtain from a book or trainings.

Montresor's called for Preval resignation is a sound-minded wise decision that proves him to be capable of defending the rights of the Haitian people at all costs in the face of evil. Leadership is not a popularity contest; it is simply a making of unpopular decisions for the benefits of others.

I love this compatriot for his courage to stand up and speak out on behalf of the people he loves.

Preval is an incompetent president and it shows on his history records unless you can prove otherwise; on the other hand Montresor is a new rival history making kid on the block with fresh ideas and solutions, who dares to fix the country's corruptions and infrastructural problems.

Your nonsense to disqualify Montresor's decision only proves your poor judgments to assessing and evaluating Preval's performance as commander in chief who's poor managements and planning is of great destruction to Haiti's progress.

Your philosophical thinking to understand the word "intelligent" can be found in a dictionary in case you failed to understand that Preval is not an intelligent president even though he manages to stay in power with the help of the blue hatted sexual abusers called the UN.

Haiti will be and will always be after Preval the "drunk and his UN body guards" are long gone but I would rather Haiti be with the long term vision then to just exist as space fillers and trashy reputations of the world.

Preval is a space filler not a groundbreaking history maker of any foundation of implementation you're talking about.

Why don't you join Preval?

I am sure there's more space to be filled of the empty heads in the palace such as yours.

Montresor's bad moves are great moves why?

Because he understood things that you the average guy don't and it makes people like you nervous or gives you nerves break-downs with his ideas.

He may have no previous political background whatsoever but it makes him a fascinating individual in world history that you and others or Preval himself has yet to recognize.

Montresor 2011 should be the next Haitian president as he has proven to be of a different political blood.


Because of his willingness to start early planning in trying to educate us Haitians prior to Election Day on how to select a visionary leader or how to take advantages of his vision in other to grow the country economically and technologically.

Unlike Aristide, Preval and other future presidential candidates who bank on fake philosophies another to get elected instead of talented philosophical strategies that will greatly benefit Haiti's future.

In my opinion Preval and the Haitian Diasporas should have given Montresor 2011 some recognition for his ideas of contributions to Haiti, and perhaps for his accomplishments of inventions internationally as a Haitian citizen.

Haitian peoples failures are in part due to the fact that they are too self centered to lay down their selfishness an other to lift up their own brothers and sisters of different talents, philosophical, religious, and political wisdoms.

"And President Preval you are not exempt from failures with your bootleg rice starvation plan" quitting now is your only option to save you from the embarrassments of your political name in Haitian history...

Long live Montresor 2011
We love you brother!!!

Fremzolove2be, June 4 2008, 7:24 PM

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All that you have said there are beyond the point. No one says that anybody is above the law as no one should be above... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 5-Jun-08 2:50 am


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