Please avail me to your sources when you write the following...

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Please avail me to your sources when you write the following (notes 5 & 6).

'Of a total population of 549,549,000, an estimated 100 million are Afro Latin-American [5][6].Approximately 5% of the Latin American population identify themselves or are classified by census takers as being primarily of black ancestry'.

Much like you would say African-American, by stating African you give meaning as well as recognition already in and within itself that such a person is of African descent and American given that such a person has had born on the new adoptive land of which his/her ancestors from Africa were brought to.

Thus the same theory and fact applies when you say Afro-Latino as in African-Latino given that first in origin ancestry such a person is of Africa, then Latino given the facts that the region is called Latin-America as also it is under the fact that is describe as what actually makes someone or being considered Latino as repeatedly as I have mentioned based on the fact that those languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other developed dialects that are of derivatives of those named languages that are considered and called the Languages of Romance (Not romance as in romantic, but romance as in ROME Latin) as which those languages themselves are Latin derivatives languages.

You have white latinos, you also have black latinos as in much like you have Franco-Latinos, Anglo-Latinos and so we do we have as well Afro-Latinos among other types given the ethnic racial mixtures and so forth, thus mulattoes.

To be or being latino is not depicted in terms of skin pigmentation or complexion, it is depicted by those facts named above as to nor does it mean by stating those reasons are in any way of any flattery or to assume that one is trying to be Latino due to any sense of inferiority or perhaps supremacist superiority gain to such an ethnicity or race that is Latino.

That would be absurd.

However, it is what it is.

When one says he or she is Haitian or any specific Nation, it is what you call a denonym.

A denomym is what gives someone his or her a precise determinative affirm native place of being from a specific Independent sovereign republic or Country in terms for someone or anyone else to be able to regionally pinpointing the whereabouts where somebody is from. Being or saying you are Haitian is not a race.

What you need to do is go take a dictionary and learn the differences in meaning that describe those words here such as Ethnicity, Race, Background, Descendant and Ancestry and you will be just fine as I have no more patience to to waste my breath on this issue of which you already have your mind made up on and that is fine. Also remember this quoted sentence from me: "One is entitled to his opinion, belief and view; but not to his own facts" as in "People are entitles to their own opinions, beliefs and views, but not their own facts"

Will Rosenberg, May 25 2008, 3:29 AM


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