Claude, you were doing ok until you started talking about the...

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Claude, you were doing ok until you started talking about the "minority bourgeois...".

First of all, in scientific circles we stopped using the term 'bourgeois' - it's a meaningless term; we use the term 'Haitian elite' broken down into the moneyed elite, the intellectual elite, the political elite and so forth.

The Haitian elite is not a scapegoat, it is the instigator and the culprit of Haiti's social problems although to be perfectly honest there are exceptions (Inginac, elie dubois, fabre geffrard, jean dominique...and a few others).

To substantiate this is what the americans wrote in their March 1930 report on Haiti about the Haitian Elite: "...It is an urban group, comprising of a very small portion of the population, probably less than 5 percent, generally mulatto but shading from octoroon to black, and because it is educated, comparatively wealthy and highly privileged with leadership, this class is careful in maintaining its caste distinction as any other ruling class.

Their language is French...It has been the aim of the American Occupation to try to broaden the base of the articulate proletariat...Hence its work in education, in sanitation, in agencies of communication such as roads and telephones...These things naturally are deemed of secondary importance by the Elite, who see in the rise of a middle class a threat to the continuation of their own leadership."
The Haitian Elite has everything to do with the lack of schools and the education level of the majority group because they're in charge 70% of the 204 years of independence - petion, boyer, herard, geffrard, salnave, nissage saget, canal, tancrede auguste, sudre dartiguenave, louis borno, stenio vincent, elie lescot, eugene roy and so forth...that is not taking into account that most of the senators were always mulattos of the intellectual elite.

welcome to the revolution
Viva Haiti

Rubens F. Titus, May 14 2008, 7:44 PM


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