understanding haiti's social problems

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Most of Haiti's social problems I believe derived from their upbringing.

Their blind obedience to authority figures, was most likely caused by their parents' authoritarian approach.

Authoritarian personalities for instance are rigid, and have extremely black and white beliefs in what counts as correct behavior.

They became that way as a result of a very harsh upbringing from unfeeling parents who insisted on obedience at all costs and used a lot of physical punishment.

When they do become parents themselves, they perpetuate the practice of blind obedience and harsh physical punishment with total disregard for the emotional needs of their own children.

As a result their children experiences a great deal of rage at the unfairness of the treatment, but dare not show it. That anger becomes bottled up inside according to behavior psychologists, and when those children become older they in turn express the anger towards other targets instead.

They channel their pain and anger towards the opposite sex or the minority group in their society.

Those same people are prone to become prejudiced based on the discourse and social beliefs around them. They have a tendency to single out the minority group in their society for special attention, claiming to have special knowledge of the group as a whole, and making themselves seem specially credible and authoritative about what they are saying while describing negative behavior of the entire group.

In fact they are categorizing the behavior of a handful of individuals within that group and are blaming the entire group.

This type of social prejudice is called scapegoating.

In Haiti for instance the minority bourgeois are blamed for economic hardships, unemployment and the lack of education within the majority group.

They are used in fact as scape goats, because the economic indicators have shown that the bourgeois have created more jobs in Haiti than the government so far. Plus they have nothing to do with the lack of schools and the education level of the majority group.

A lot of those authoritarian characters are not facing up to the real social and economic realities of their country.

The hard core authoritarian personalities will always find people to dislike.

They should be told that violence and rigid upbringing can only create more violent and rigid individuals.

They need to raise their children with more affection and positive regard which is an essential need for all human beings.

This is my last post. I am graduating.


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Claude, May 14 2008, 6:45 PM

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