Hey T We Decided Not To Answer.. Period!

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No to answer all that other stuff I mean. We do not have the time to read all that! Reading is work for us "T", this is for fun. There are too many parties this week with Mexican cinqo de Mayo and all. We will be watching you "T".

Maybe bite your flank once in a while, you know ...time is short.

We post while we are at work, and when we meet for our club. You know....

we earn money while we are enjoying ourselves.

Don't worry "T", pretty soon you will have the entire blog
all to yourself.

Gee "T" now we know you can curse too. Hey "T" you might even miss us hein?

Believe what you wish but It's not she...

its they. Enjoy these videos "T" we had you in mind when we picked them:
Bye "T"

To Die For.

Les Lionnes, May 9 2008, 4:03 PM

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Now that first clip was hilarious lol, I will tell you that much les Lionnes. Well, my work allows me to work smarter... read more >
Hispanolayosoy, 9-May-08 5:16 pm


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