A PROPOS LA DOUBLE Nationalité: A civic Sacrifice.

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So true. Most of the Haitian Diaspora is set readily to help Haiti and the Haitian Government must ratify new measures to allow those double nationality Haitians to take part in Haiti's politic.

However, any Diaspora Haitians know what they have to do and must do to take part in Haiti's struggles.

Somewhere along the line of their desires for political ambition they have to realize what that call actually means.

THey know that they have to go live in Haiti for at least five years as well as re-apply for their Haitian citizenships if their true intention is to really truly help. That is what has been done for even Afghanistan and Iraqi citizens with political intentions.

Those Haitian Diaspora with political ambitions have a decision and sacrifice to make for love, respect and civic duty for their own country.

They can not expect the nation to trash away its devise national just so they themselves can have one foot in and one foot out as back up plan in case things do not work out for them in Haiti and bail out whenever or f ever they were to commit capital crimes in Haiti.

In this song, the things that Steve Brunache sings about is what most Haitians lack is "Tet Ansanm Avek Linyon." If somebody have achieved so much in the US both financially and educationally and the desire for political ambition to help Haiti has now aroused, what is and would be the point to remain in the US if the primary intent to migrate to the US was for those kind of stabilities of which they have achieved?

No, I think it is because those Haitians have idolized the United States so much that they would like to always be able to return so they can amassed wealth and the reputation of always get treated like American when they go to Haiti.

If any Haitian Diasporas with Civic political Intentions do not want to do that to participate in Haiti's developmental situation, know that fully well that that Haitian diaspora is full of it, they are all talk and not at all really serious about helping or wanting to become a political Official in Haiti.

They much rather hide behind false pretense hood and excuses as to why they can not engage in serving Haiti.

It is that mentality that many Haitians have. They want to have things done their way or no other ways at all with no regards to law and the rules.

Yes, there are always alternatives and directions to approach the issues at hand such as this one in particular; but with understanding that it is feasible and probable to accomplish that goal, only and simply a sacrifice has to be made for Country.

Haitians are always quick to denounce their Haitian Citizenships when they want to be able to work in the US yet refuse to ever reject it to even help their own Country when they feel such a need and Haiti's call is calling upon them.

Hispanolanoyosoy, April 11 2008, 5:47 PM

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