You Are Right on Point

Vansky1804 - December 3 2006, 6:10 PM

I am glad to see that some Haitians still share the philantropist ideals that I so dearly support.

I want our president to know that he needs to set the tone and lead the nation toward progress but I also want all Haitians to know that they need to act to accomplish better things for the nation.

Let's not wait for the president or for another country to come and do it all for us. It is time for Haitians to come together and help one another.

I totally agree with you that it is about time for all Haitians to have to a decent meal ration and most of all the young Haitians need to Have access to education, and health care. I will tell brother I think so many times about starting a foundation in Haiti to help the poor children down there but I don't have the resources.

I do plan to go to Haiti next year and see if I can start sponsoring one or two children on my personal income.

I give a big shout out to people like Wiclef and Duval who are really involved in changing the situation of many in Haiti right now, and I truly support them in there efforts.

Let's get involved, let's come together and make it work, Let's be part of the solution.

We are brothers and sisters, we are the nation!

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I agree with you 100%. You make sens. A lof of people...


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