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Vous avez bien dire mon frere. some of us Haitian would like to hide the truth, but I am happy to see that there are... more »

Sa Se yon Repons Serye

Mwen pa gen tan pou-m bay opinion mwen an plen kounye ya, men mwen dako avek totalman. more »

You Are Right on Point

I am glad to see that some Haitians still share the philantropist ideals that I so dearly support. I want our... more »

Let's be Part of the Solution

I once strongly supported Mr Preval but like most of you I have become critical of him and the situation in Haiti. I... more »

No one is above the law

Well let's hope that the international court really goes after these criminals. It makes me sick to see that some... more »

This a Good Idea!

This actually a good idea! I think that the government should follow up on this idea and see how it can be applied. A... more »

A new army should not be our priority now.

Having an army should not be the priority for Haiti at this moment.Our experience with our army in the past has been... more »

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