Wow i truly agree with you

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I agree with you 100%.

You make sens. A lof of people let political syndrome blind them. I'm glad you're not the same.

Us from Jacmel, are an example.

We have been isolated from past goverments.

We have been remain moderate and loving our neighbors.

Don't get yourself wrong.

If you see any man spreading hate. Something is wrong with that person.

We need to start loving God first and love our neighbors second.

When you said, we're brothers and sisters.

Well you couldn't make more sens than that.

I'm a strong supporters of many in haiti.

I cannot do it alone.

It's so hard, i think we need to start a fund for the poors with a zero tolerans for hunger to feed the people.

Maybe you have better ideas than me. I'm willing to hear from you. I have a lot of people who believe in that brotherly that i awaken in many.

Well i have a dream on day that all haitians can eat 3 meals a day and have access to clean water and also to medical care and very cheap medecine.

I'm so sad every thousand died. I'm tired of staying up here doing so little.

I don't want to ask the president what he can do for them.

I want to find great strategies to save some lives in our mother land. Most of the time. These Presidents have their two hands tied up and can't do much.

I want to see a great revival in haiti where haitians will protect each other not selling or kill one another.

IF we stay up here partying and spend money foolishly.

It's up to you. I want to help haiti and if one day i can be President i will indeed taking care of my people.

So many bright people with no jobs.
That's so sad....

People haiti have a lot of Stress about that insecurity.

Guys i know you have guns and power, can you stop your non sens. Can you stop that terror.

It's so wrong

Juan, December 1 2006, 2:38 AM

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