Hi, I am glad another fellow Haitian is still talking about...

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Hi, I am glad another fellow Haitian is still talking about decentralization.

We also need to bring in some historical perspective so we don't feel too bad about ourselves as Haitians.

Antenor Firmin did much to decentralize the country.

President Magloire had a whole plan title " Decentralization et Renaissance des provinces".

President Aristide believed he needed to electrify the provinces first then Port-au-Prince.

So it's not like the Haitians did not try. The underlying problem is the continuous political unstability.

My vision is to force a greater decentralization of the economic activities by devising a plan of action that will make each chef-lieu city a center of a specific economic activity.

For instance Jeremie would be the center of the "belles lettres", the center for literature and publication.

Jacmel the center for the sixth art or other (movie production studios, painting, theather production ect....).

And so forth.

All we have to do is start planning and show up at the discussion meetings

Rubens F. Titus, February 1 2008, 12:36 AM

Topic: Republic of Port au Prince is the key problem

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Linda, 3-Feb-08 6:55 pm
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Rubens F. Titus, 3-Feb-08 9:02 pm
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Rubens F. Titus, 3-Feb-08 10:23 pm
Hello there, I'm coming on at the end of this conversation, so I.D to what end, and for what purpose?. read more >
Edzo, 3-Feb-08 11:06 pm
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