Pourquoi l'armee d'haiti

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Every nation that want to preserve their
souvereinty ought to have an armed force
to defend their territory.The requirement
for the new army should be:1 Haitian citi zen not being outside of the country for at least five years 2 HS diploma"Rhetho" 3 speak haitian language 4 candidates must be
18 to 25 years old.The new army should be
trained by South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba or
Russia not by USA nor France.It's about time that we stop begging these blood suckers for everything.The only country that they care about is Israel.They are going around the world to demilitarize eve
ry country so they won't find any resistance when the decide to invade, to destroy your country infrastrutures.They like to say that they "bomb"your country to STONE AGE. Example Palestine and Lebanon

Binbin, October 29 2006, 9:54 AM

Topic: Pourquoi L'armee D'Haiti

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Every nation that want to preserve their souvereinty ought to have an armed force to defend their territory.The... read more >
Binbin, 29-Oct-06 9:54 am
Having an army should not be the priority for Haiti at this moment.Our experience with our army in the past has been... read more >
Vansky1804, 29-Oct-06 10:03 pm
Some of the so-called haitian elite find themself so much in love with Washington that they beleive that it isn't... read more >
Binbin, 30-Oct-06 8:56 am
I don't know why haitian always go to their past that's why until now we don't have a good leader we always talk about... read more >
Emmanuel Villarceau, 30-Oct-06 9:07 am
Well our past doesn't have any " signicant" value for some of us.They have done a good job by swaping our language,our... read more >
Binbin, 30-Oct-06 3:04 pm
This actually a good idea! I think that the government should follow up on this idea and see how it can be applied. A... read more >
Vansky1804, 30-Oct-06 10:55 pm


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