Make Haiti Strong and Respectfull

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Dear Mr. President,

I can imagine the task you are trying to accomplish.

I hope that I am not the only voice among the millions of Haitians on our Motherland, Haiti, and abroad, in the many corners of the earth who anticipate that the name "Rene Preval" would be synonymous with Haiti's successfulness.

With a strong surrounding, please do your best to make our Haiti a strong and respectful land for our people, once more.

Please go around the Motherland, listen to us, talk to us and do not be a stranger to us, for we elected you to be the eyes of our blindness, the watchdog of our integrity.

Please accept criticism and teach us how to accept criticisms so that we can learn to learn from each other despite the fact that we, each Haitian, have our own different minds.

Please make our union a priority in your quest to a better educated Haiti.

Please remind our brothers and sisters that we must use formal education as the mean to escape poverty.

I know is much you can do if the opposition, in its own view, believes that its policies may be better for Haiti.

However, please appreciate the opposition, since if there is no opposition to your policies, there would be no democracy in Haiti.

Try your very best to incorporate the opposition's ideologies in your quest to make Haiti strong and respectful, again, but remind the opposition to explore your policies for concession of ideas.

Respectfully yours,

Max Sanchez-Martinez
Uprooted, but can never stop being a Haitian

Max Sanchez-martinez, October 23 2006, 10:19 AM

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