One Solution to help Haiti!

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I have a proposal:
all Haitians living in foreign lands who are "retired" since you have the time and a steady income (your retirement cheques)
Please go to the nearest University in your area find out if they have a Haitian student club, if not, organize a meeting through student government with the Haitian students so they could start a cultural club. Please work with those students, do a charity drive (telephone calls, writing letters, advertisement in news papers) Adopt a road, a village, a family, a school, a farm, start a library, contribute to the development of a water desalinization plant, or garbage processing plant etc etc. in Haiti.

Please do not just send the money to some government official, do travel to Haiti and work with our Haitians counterparts.

In reference to mediocre representation of Haiti: please do what the Arabs have been doing recently, every time there are some misinformations ( for example Bookman for instance 2006 accused of being Satanic when he was in fact invoking God) in the newspapers about Haiti, pay for an entire page in that same newspaper for one week to refute such misinformations and present our more positive views on the issue.

Flo, October 6 2007, 3:31 PM

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Rubens Titus, 6-Oct-07 7:15 pm
I will inform the Dept.head of Haitian relations at the nearest University of your site,( which is part of black... read more >
Flo, 6-Oct-07 11:31 pm
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Please Take A Look At This Proposal, 8-Oct-07 6:58 pm


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