Bony little girl/the one dying of starvation HURT!

Flo - October 6 2007, 11:31 PM

I will inform the Dept.head of Haitian relations at the nearest University of your site,( which is part of black studies), but there is not Haitian club. I think if trees that produce fruits only are replanted most Haitians will not cut them down for charcoal knowing that those trees will feed them for the next 20years.

I just could not enjoy my favorite Chinese dish nor drink my capuccino after I saw that little black girl with all her bones sticking out like that on Alan Cave "Sa nap Fe" video on "YouTube" I do not live near a Haitian community.

I only became interested in Haitian affairs this last few weeks.

I will also forward the info to cousins I have in New York. I hope something good will come out of this. Peace out!

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