Hope for a safer Haiti

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Hi President Preval,
My name is Marie and I am 50 years old.I came to the USA over 30 years ago.In my younger days when Haiti was
a safer place to visit, I didn't have the opportunity to go often and I regret it.Now that I am in the position to go home as often as I want to enjoy it and help out my people, I am afraid to go. There are many professionals like myself abroad who would like to go back home and help in various capacities but they feel that doing so will put their lives in danger.

What are you doing to make haiti safe again?

I am praying for the day when I can
hop on a plane and go to Haiti and don't think twice about my safety and everyone else, Haitians and non Haitians will also feel the same.

God Bless

Marie Scutt-mohamed, September 2 2007, 2:24 PM

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Marie, I d believe that there are many who would like to visit Haiti and experience the beauty of the land and peoole... read more >
Christine, 3-Sep-07 10:30 pm


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