In a modernist perspective, action by a state that based on...

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In a modernist perspective, action by a state that based on conscience without science is useless.

"Intent" is an imagination of the mind. Imagination alone is not enough to overcome the difficulties facing Haiti.

At the end of the day, talk is cheap.

We need substance!! The complexities governing a country like Haiti are enormous.

The president needs to know at least what is the " HAUTE COUR DE JUSTICE" If the in fact, a president does not know what is the HCJ, how he's going to govern and understand the complex public international laws and policies; global north/south, systematic level of analysis etc...

Presidency is not on job training.

Well, we had Preval- the result is disaster.

Mirlande statement is correct according to the 1987 Haitian' constitution (article 185).

Mediocre leadership is the perfect recipe to destroy any divination.

you said, "Haiti does not need an intellectual with a lot of theories without action" I would like to remind you that there is NO progressive action without THEORY.

Society is found by philosophers using theories.

Plato-347 B.C.E. and Aristotle 322-B.C.E. they theorizing natural sciences, a scientific understanding of social life; believing that their work/theories will enable people to reach their full potential.

Even the contributions of Isaac Newton 1700th century including the discovery of the laws of gravity and motion and the development of calculus.

Newton advanced the cause of physics and a systematic study of natural science by theories.

Intellectuals such as Montesquieu, Rousseau, Turgot, Comte, Durkheim etc, formulated the enlightenment or the age of reason 1700th..The Enlightenment produced an intellectual revolution in how people thought about social change, progress, and critical thinking.

During 18/19th centuries, based on progress of theories, other form of revolutions occurred: political, economic and Industrial etc..

In addition, Karl Max eloquently elaborates on differing views on the status quo: stability versus change.

Mediocre have nervier played a constructive role during the construction of civilization (free riders).

The tendency to emphasize situational factors when explaining your views though stressing dispositional factors is no longer acceptable.

Though we do not have class intellectual in Haiti, I do not want to feel there is a campaign against so-called intellectual candidate.

You may vote for your candidate of choice because Haiti is a democratic state.

Uneducated voter is worst then the no voter.

I want to warn you that very soon, Haiti will no longer be a democratic state, and rather it would be a republic state.

Which means someone like "Mr. Michel Martelly" will not even make it to the registration as candidate.

Then Haiti will be part of the globalization.

However, on 3/21/2011 the new president of Haiti will be Mirlande Manigat.

Sex, race and age discrimination is due to lack of education.

Eambo, March 13 2011, 1:41 AM

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Tiba, 13-Mar-11 5:47 pm
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