"Double Standard in the Haitian' Justice"!

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Frankly, It has been the darkest dilemma to understand or even comprehend Haiti' Judiciary, it was a sport of controversy, misinformation when Jean Claude Duvalier suddenly entered Haiti.

The System received Him with the intent to jail Him, so he was summoned to question under the Judge order for alleged crimes committed while He was President of Haiti although Jean Bertrand Aristide entered Haiti after exile in a Coup d' Etat organized by His former allies for not agreeing to cede power after his terms as agreed before.

Many around the world would observe that Jean Bertrand Aristide who received a warm welcome brought with-him many friends of the imperialist and colonialist forces in exception to a few of the inner circle.Why Jean Bertrand Aristide is not called to his summon in the Court of Law yet?

Why is there such a delay that he is enjoying that free pass, Is there supposed to be equal justice and rule of law?

Can some one tells me why is there a double standard in this situation that both committed crimes to their people to be under Police watch contrary to the malefactor that is not presented to the court?

Is it going to be the responsibility of the next President of Mr. Martelly or Mrs. Manigat to bring Jean Bertrand Aristide to face justice for crimes committed against hundreds of families while He was President of Haiti who chose to affiliated himself with the devil and Satan to kill many Haitians that were against his government?

Just an opinion of the situation in Haiti.

Anyone that has an answer should reply directly explaining how they should bring Jean Bertrand Aristide to face justice likewise Jean Claude Duvalier is under the court watch.

Don't forget that many people will be afraid to to speak for fear of been the target of the serial killer group.

Friends and blogger respond not with insult but with argument to the present cause and evidence of the circumstance.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr, March 24 2011, 5:24 PM

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