Donkey mouth Aristide, whom start sending people to kill.

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See aristide, he is a problem for haiti as always.

he knows what hapen to wyclef, that dog has no sence of decency.

langiet manmann

Richelle, March 20 2011, 8:42 AM

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Wyclef the faux thug rapper hurt himself with a kleren bottle. He is fine. Blame something else, more important than... read more >
Ti Rene, 20-Mar-11 10:27 am
Ti-Rat, please have some respect for yourself. Aristide is not and will never be a problem for Haiti. Haitians need a... read more >
Petrus, 20-Mar-11 3:22 pm
Petrus stop sniffing Petrole and you will see more clearly yourself! A "new social pact with the Hatian oligarchy", a... read more >
Ti Rene, 20-Mar-11 3:44 pm
Oh yes,that dog aristide,his been a problem for haiti since 1986.I'm lucky am not close to you.You would have been put... read more >
Richelle, 20-Mar-11 4:42 pm
Aristide has capability of all the bad thing:big thing,small thing,grie ti bebe pou pouvoi,killing,everything bad is... read more >
Richelle, 20-Mar-11 5:04 pm
Djol bourik Aristid fou,li pap janm chanje.Msie gin tou nan manch ampil,gro vakabon an soudin'n. Min fout'e lap'p... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 20-Mar-11 5:15 pm
ou pa mim bezion di ki kote pou yo ba Aristil bal. min kon-nin yo a "BALI SA LI M E R I T E" ( kom se pawol celeb... read more >
Carline Lewis, 20-Mar-11 5:57 pm
Mezammi tout mou-n konnin ke depi makak sa a te soti nan jungle li tap ginyin desastre. Se li ki fe tout moun rich yo... read more >
Lala, 21-Mar-11 12:39 am
poukisa Bon Dieu,te lage neg aristide sa nin race haitian. read more >
Richelle, 21-Mar-11 1:39 am
mezanmi pa bay tet nou pwoblem amnko airitide pa nan zafe politik peyi ayiti anko. Paske li se Ayisyen li doue viv la... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 21-Mar-11 7:41 am
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