Emboa, Please zip it! Just another "atalage de connaissance...

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Please zip it!

Just another "atalage de connaissance" as usual without merit.

What was exactly your point?

what was exactly the message you were trying to convey?

Whatever it was I didn't get it but again I am slow, it could be me!

Anyway, why did you send me this message?

I never said any of what you are ranting about.

Toulimen, as the voice of reason, can you please help me understand what this emboa is trying to convey to us?

I'm lost!

Emboa, you said "Presidency is not on job training." Are you saying there is a presidency program, or a school where those who want to be president go to get training and experience?

If that is the case that should give Haitians even more reason not to vote for your candidate, Mirlinde Manigat.

Because, isn't true she went to Sorbonne and that she has a Ph.D?

Isn't it true she and her husband ruled Haiti before?

And, despite all of her presidency training and experience she still failed Haiti and the people miserably when she occupied the National Palace.

And my friend this is a FACT and NOT a theory.

Emboa, for your information this is politics and the presidency has always been and is still an "On the job training" and always will be. You have to be a born a leader in order to have a progressive government.

A born leader with charisma, skills, wisdom, humility, love for country, admiration for their citizens, and the ability to hear and listen to your advisors's inputs...

Mirlande Manigat has proven time and time again she doesn't have any of what I mentioned above.

Having a Ph.D alone won't cut it! Haiti needs action and this is not time to listen to long, boring, and exhausting French speeches with no substance.

Emboa, if you look at the history of governments throughout the world, you'd find that majority of those that have accomplished wonders for their countries and their citizens had no college education, NOT that I am saying having a college education is not important, but it's NOT a requirement.

For example, look at Brazil! Lula doesn't even have a high school education.

John Major, the former British PM, had only a high school education.

The late king of Saudi Arabia only had a 7th grade education, and I can go on, and on, and on! and that is the FACT not a theory.

Look at our own miserable country, Haiti.

Those who did the most for Haiti had no college education.

For example, Dessalines, Antoine Simon, etc. once again, that is the FACT and NOT theory.

It seems to me those with no or less education love their country and care for their people more than those with high level of education.

Can you tell the world ONE thing that Mirlande Manigat has done or is doing to help the Haitian people and the country?

On the other hand, isn't true Sweet Micky has an organization that is helping the poor in Haiti?

Don't I remember one time Sweet Mickey paid a trip for the National Soccer Team because the government was to broke to pay for it?

Isn't true Sweet Micky promotes Haiti more using his celebrity status?

Isn't true Sweet Micky interact/mingle/socialize more with the people than Mirlande Manigat.

Isn't true that the Haitian people hear about Mirlande Manigat only in election seasons?

Mirlande Manigat really thinks she's better than everyone else and that she walks on waters just because she has a Ph.D from Soborne, and therfore, she deserves the presidency.

Will Haitians keep falling for that same "Speaking French Education" crap over and over again?


But again, we're talking about Haiti.

"Yon peyi kote mou-n prefere ti franse a yo plis ke manje." It has always been easier to capture the hearts of Haitians with a little "French Kreyolize" conversation than to give them a piece of bread to feed their families.

Haitians could very well elect grandma solely on her education and her family name because that has been the only criteria needed to get elected ino public office in Haiti.

Tiba, March 13 2011, 8:12 AM

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