You need to wake up, Palin went to buy property in Haiti so...

Rose L - February 26 2011, 5:45 PM

You need to wake up, Palin went to buy property in Haiti so they can start owning a piece of the wealth that is about to explode in Haiti and no average Haitian would be able to participate.

The so called NGOs are destroying country by having carte blanche to do whatever they want in our country.

First, the NGOs don't abide by any governmental laws, 2nd, they don't use the 30% of pledges to help the country, 3rd, they are bringing corruption to the country, 4th, they are raping our children and have introduced prostitution in our country that was a foreign import.

The billions of dollars that have been pledged for the past 26 years have failed to markedly show any improvement to the country nor for the people, and it aint gonna happen.

There is no foreigner in the country at this point that will ever do anything good for the country.

Again, these people are there for their own benefit and depriving Haitians of the wealth of their own country.

We don't need them. We can do for ourselves.

They have created a false impression with the so called helping the Haitian people.

The past 26 years, Haiti has gone back to the 1800's rather than move to the 21st century.

Haiti was producing 95% of its domestic consuption back in 1986 when U.S. intervened and forced Duvalier to flee the country.

Haiti was an independent country and finally finished making payment to France for its freedom.

Let's look at the facts realistically and you will discover that America ever does anything to benefit anyone else but America.

Haitians are an economic slave in America, they are toiling in menial jobs making barely minimum wage and paying a lot of expenses.

There is probably a very small percentage of Haitains that have reached the middle class level.

Please make yourself aware of your facts before you start supporting a group of people who want nothing to do with because you black first and foremost and see you as its archnemesis.

I am so sorry to burst your bubbles.

Where is black Americans in this country, they are commodity in the penal system and the majority of the Haitians who ended up living in poor neighborhoods, their children ended up with the same fate and were sent back home to corrupt the rest of the country.

Again, I am sorry I am unable to realize any great things America has done for Haiti.

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