All U.S. bottled water is filled with addictives and some have...

Toulimen - February 20 2011, 8:49 PM

All U.S. bottled water is filled with addictives and some have less as compared to others.

Don't expect the United States to sell us good water to drink in Haiti.

Whatever they are selling you is to create more dependency and the more you are dependent and more you are vulnerable.

Actually, people in Haiti are reluctant to eat the Artibonite rice and they are socially brainwashed through the U.S. paid advertising media in Haiti to accept the Miami rice as the best. This discourages the national rice production and as a result the UNITED STATES acquires the largest share of our HAITIAN rice market.

People in Port-Au-Pce need those water bottles Marjory, I agree at 100%, but why selling in all cities in Haiti and why telling Haitians through paid advertizing that's the best water in the world.

I don't drink bottled water and I just boil my water myself and it takes time to understand the effects of those addictives on those bottled waters.

Don't buy this from this spy that Alaskan Water is stored under the glaciers and it is the purest water in the world.

European countries and some provinces and not all in Canada are selling good bottled water free of any addictives.

However, U.S. corporations are dominated by greed they will never sell you good waters.

In the next coming years, if they don't stop importing water, Haitians in Haiti will not drink local water anymore.

Palin's water is on sale everywhere in Haiti and that sale will enrich her and Franklin Graham more than Haiti.

Try to understand me, I am not against its sale for Port-au-Pce alone, but selling it where people have already water is to create dependency for that water.

This will get solved ok. Don't worry ok, the Haitian Tea Party is on board to restore Haiti's moral and cultural values.

It is different as compared to the American Tea of Rooster Brian.

We will restore order and we will free Haiti.

You will love more Haiti than any other hosted countries around the world.

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