Petrus, please have some common sense. While we are trying to...

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Petrus, please have some common sense.

While we are trying to heal others and cleaning the debris in Port-Au-Pce and you are calling for revolution.

How can we revolutionize Haiti when it does not EVEN have a capital to do so?

Where will you put your government office?

This is not the right time to do so. We are debating elections because we believe that democracy can flourish again.

We are calling for restructuration and the restoration of the rule of law while you are calling for revolution.

We lost everything and what kind of profits you think that we will gain through a revolution?

Many more will die and Haiti will go down to the Caribbean Sea.

It is nonsense Petrus and please have some decency, for we are for the reconstruction of Haiti.

I know Haiti has too many problems that cannot get solved in one day but if we get together we can make more economic progress than in the past. The rich also believe in a sort of redistribution of the wealth and they are ready to back up a strong government to do so. Can you hold it and wait to see what will happen.

I was on the phone with a relative of mine in Cap-Haitien and where he told me that the Group of 12 would call for a Social Revolution in the days ahead if their agenda has not met as expected.

Are you referring to that same group or your own group?

It is not the right time. Why don't you focus on electing Marthelly who will be the next leader of change, reconciliation and economic progress too. Please have some humility and humanity within you to listen to all of us who don't want you to engage Haiti in any bloody revolution.

We can renegotiate another social path for Haiti but any revolution will not welcome now. You must give up to that idea. Beware, if you continue to post messages like that I will track you down and you will regret it ok...

Toulimen, January 28 2011, 10:43 PM

Topic: Aristide Must Come Back Before A Republican President Gets Elected In U.S.

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Petrus, 28-Jan-11 10:27 pm
Petrus, please have some common sense. While we are trying to heal others and cleaning the debris in Port-Au-Pce and... read more >
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Pastor, 31-Jan-11 4:47 pm
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