Toulimen Had Predicted It And It Happened Yesterday

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Thank you Duvalier for reading my postings and answering as well to my repeated return calls to Haiti.

All political leaders should return in mass in Haiti.

I am expecting in the next coming weeks or months the returns of Aristide, the uncontested popular leader, Raoul Cedras, Namphy, Biamby, Regala, Ertha Trouillot, Chanoine, Avril, Frank Romain, Merceron and Achilles just to name a few. They should all return to their country, for Georges Bush is not in exile after his fruitless wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes and he is still living in his country.

Why should our leaders live in exile?

I am calling upon all of them from a prompt return starting next week and the end of exile for all Haitians.

I am the leader of peace and national reconciliation and I want all of them back in Haiti without any imposed conditions on them, for Haiti is for Haitians after all...

Toulimen, January 17 2011, 2:10 PM

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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 17-Jan-11 3:27 pm


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