Lavalas is Dead

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I want to say that today all Haitians spend Cross
on these criminal groups (Lavalas) are elected in the Veterans Evidence
There are all candidates under the banners of other training politiques.

Il seems it does not tell you much, or your Messiah now your little priest Jean Bertrand Aristide had sacrificed a child in a demonic ceremony for being the President life, if you do not want to be a criminal like him, I suggest you close it, we no longer need to lead this country criminal power, whatever else you said about Charles Henry Baker are false, it is not his style, it's just jealousy.

Cheers Baker Down Criminals Lavalas.

Justice Nanoune Mirtyl.

Patcheko..., November 7 2010, 2:08 PM

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Nadege, 7-Nov-10 4:01 pm
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Marie Janty, 7-Nov-10 6:42 pm
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Nadege, 7-Nov-10 11:35 pm
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Marie Janty, 8-Nov-10 9:46 am
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Nadege, 8-Nov-10 10:03 am
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Marie Janty, 8-Nov-10 10:09 am
I've simply stated the facts, which are easily verifiable. I think you're simply too afraid, and too content in your... read more >
Nadege, 8-Nov-10 10:25 am


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