If you had a child, and were interviewing for a babysitter...

Sheikh Nurs-neibital - October 17 2010, 2:38 PM

If you had a child, and were interviewing for a babysitter, and a known childmolester showed up for the interview, would you hire him to be alone all day playing house with your child?

No - your judgement and decernment would fall back onto you because you knew better.

This is the problem here. We keep blaming Billy Clinton, when we all know about his past with the White Water Banking Scams, HIllaries insider commodity trading, Arms and weapons trafficing in his home town Little Rock, Ak., His illegal deals with China, and the Crime Family Pardons for profit scams, His impeachment being thrown out of office, So NO! you can not blame him, he goes where the money is the easiest to steal and no bodys watching, they just give it to him.

The person to blame is Barak Hussein Obama who knows all of this, so we need to know what his portion of the take will be, does he get half?

How about when they tested it and got away with the first allotment of funds.

I think this time they feel more confident and will keep laundering the monies out of the U.S. like they did with the Mid-East funds, through the NGO's and into their pockets - it's the oldest and most practiced form of money laundering method used and I'm sure if they fooled the Haitians for this long they will keep doing it again.


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