The international community has promised funds needed to...

Alister Wm Macintyre - October 5 2010, 12:54 AM

The international community has promised funds needed to rebuild Haiti, but they are withholding those funds until after an election of a new government which appears to have the confidence of the Haitian people.

A LOT of the Haitian people are boycotting the elections, because the most popular political parties have been banned from the election for reasons not provided to the people, which fuels conspiracy theories, and could lead to civil unrest.

The people in the tent cities will still be there 1 2 years from now, if the land ownership problems get solved at the rate they are now being solved.

For example, parliament could have set some rules where ownership disputes can be solved through the court system, then the correct owner get documentation that is intelligible to all actors, including people whose language is French or Kreole or Illiterate.

The UN funding system has oodles of money available to Haiti on short notice BUT YOU HAVE TO APPLY FOR IT, it does not magically arrive where needed.

The tent city occupants could all have been relocated to better housing months ago, instead of stuck at ground zero target of hurricane roulette, with land owners financially paid for any land seized by
the government, if the different interests in Haiti had their act together on mutual cooperation.

The NGOs could theoretically buy all food needed from Haitian farmers, for redistribution to disaster victims, but instead the US government forbids this, and the Haitian government forbids this. So we end up with farmers sabotaged, and future generations malnutritioned, worst scenario for both interests, instead of protecting future generations and rebuilding Haiti agriculture.

But instead it is "not my problem to solve" and "to hell with fellow citizens" and "I wish 3 million had died in the quake, not 1/3 million."

The people of Haiti owners, Parliament, President, Prime Minister, displaced, UN, NGOs, international community ...

they are perfectly capable of coming together and agreeing on what must be done

they did that in March 2010 with scores of meetings of all stakeholders, Diaspora, donors, OAS, CARICOM, World Bank, etc., to decide on the reconstruction plan, how to finance it, how to manage it.

They can do the same thing to solve other national needs, such as rubble debris, secure tenure, land ownership documentation reform, if they so desire.

The fact, that they are not doing so, indicates that the national will is not there to solve the problems.


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