More needs to be done

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Mr.the president:

You are a special president.

Your act of patriotism make you make special.You have tried to create more friends for Haiti which is not a bad. That is a god initiative.

We need the diplomacy especially in the world we have lived.However, you ought to do more Mr. president.

We wish you could make difference for your honesty.

I don't think you would make people lose your confidence.

Pardon me if I say so because a lot of presidents used to do that.

As I said in a message i sent to you, privatization of certain institutions might be a healthy progress for Haiti.that would remove Haiti on this chaos it encounters.Don't let people make you change your mind about what you said you are going to do.They would like that things going the way they are because when they are like that make more money.They don't want to to service to the population.

Population needs service but they cannot find. i guarantee you when privatize those institutions with people with integrity everything will work for the country.

Mr. president it was a plaisure for me to drop you these lines that I think will please you.

trhank you for your time.

Fernando, July 2 2007, 11:12 PM

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