The Game Playing of the Master in the Heads of Haitians...

Tiba - August 10 2010, 7:57 AM

The Game Playing of the Master in the Heads of Haitians Continues! AS Usual, the Master Always Knows Best for Haiti!

Who/what the 4uck Shan Penn thinks he is to sticking his stincken nose in the internal affairs of Haiti?

Somebody needs to shut him up quick.

Doing humanitarian work in Haiti is one thing, but to dictate who should or should NOT be running for president in Haiti is stepping over your boundaris entirely.

I know there will be a long list of Uncle Toms and House Slaves out there supporting Shan Penn's stand, the master, in Haiti's affairs anyway.

Until the earthquake, I am wondering if Shan Penn ever knew or heard about Haiti and even knew where Haiti was located on the map?

I doubt it!

Case in point, if he knew there was a Haiti in the western hemisphere and knew there was a pretty large Haitian diaspora in the United States, he would have heard and knew about Wyclef.

The entire world, including high level dignitaries, know of Wyclef except Shan Penn. Go figure!

Imagine for a second Wyclef, who is a 100% Haitian citizen, would speak his suspicious thoughts about McCain's or Obama's motives for running for president of the United States?

I am positively positive Shan Penn would be the first to tell Wyclef to get his nose out of American's affairs, and if he doesn't like the way we (Americans) do things, it would be nice that he gets the 4uck out of our country and go back to his stinken country, Haiti.

Shan Penn gets involved in Haiti for his personal recognition to get the spot light on himself as the big savior of Haiti who will take the Haitian to the promised land. NO wonder why he got his office/headquarters in the suburb of Petion-Ville so he won't have to walk among the poor.

Wyclef, a son of Haiti, has been doing all he can for his country long before the earthquake.

He has been spending more time in Haiti than any other rich popular Haitian celebrities long before the quake.

Master Shan Pen and others like him want Haiti to always remain in poverty and misery so they can continue to give handouts to the Haitian people as their self-esteem booster in order to feel very good about themselves.

Foreigners like Shan Penn believe that Haiti is a SOUP KITCHEN that must always depend on charity for its survival.

Shan Penn needs to just shut the 4uck up and let Haitians decide what's best for them.


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