We need to stop that, if you are not with me you against me...

Jean Alix Jean-simon - August 10 2010, 9:56 AM

we need to stop that, if you are not with me you against me, we don't need to talk bad about sean penn, durant the time before the election he was a savior for us and he still, he get the right like every haitian to talk about politic in haiti, like we the haitian people who are illegals in u.s.a talk about american politic.

nobody have the right to stop someone to say what ever he or she feel that call freedom of speech.

haitians like to do polemic not politic, politic is an open door house all over the world, if you don't mind to get dirty come on, my brothers and sisters should quit this mentality.

I'm for wyclef jean and i want everyone to have they say and their choice to whom they want to, this is not about the sean penn, if we gave the right to donate to rebuilt haiti, he deserves the right to say something, it doesn't matter when he knew haiti, but he is there to help, what kind the help my friend you provided so far my friend, nada! let's focus in politic not in sean penn, let's work together to make him become a believer, i hope you didn't expect the man to approve the first idea that come on cnn, be fair my friend, i respect your opinion because i respect you and love you my friend, let us work together for a better haiti for us and the future generation, thanks.

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