Majorie Valbrun: Haitian-American NPR..blah blah blah..People Not Impress

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That's why many people do not like Wyclef to be come president of their country simply because they believe he has become an American citizen.

So they believe he should run for the U.S. president instead soon.

I am myself in this country for sometimes and I hate to see me become a citizen of the U.S., a country that is a disgrace to your people.

A government of a country that's a culprit to Haiti.

Speaking of education, if education that you are talking about were a great help in governing a country, Haiti would probably has the smartest government.

The kind of eduction that one thinks speaking a foreign language such as French or English meaning they are educated.

It doesn't help a country.

Haitian Author Jean Pe, August 7 2010, 7:00 PM

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Tiba, 7-Aug-10 9:00 pm


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