Who really benefited from the so called Democracy and Liberty.

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Do you understand an egalitarian system whereby its entire citizen will more or less share the same resources equally?

That is to say able to eat three times a day even though it might not means steak, fillet-mignon, red lobster, caviar etc but enough food to keep them alive in dignity.

Food rationing is possible but no one go to bed hungry.

To have an adequate roof over their head instead of living in an overcrowding house, paying exorbitant rent for filthy and dangerous building or being homeless; to be able to get access to education and to develop their fullest potential to become Scientists in any field of human endeavors, Physicians, Physicists, Mathematicians, Pharmacist, Educators, Professors, Agronomists etc...

A society who is able to distinguish needs from wants.

A society where the pupils and student will attends school to learn instead of going to school to show who has the most expensive clothing, wireless phone, video gadgets, car or who could drink more alcohol or handle most dope and drugs or being bisexual, transsexual or trisexual.

School where student are graduated with an education instead a graduation without an education.

A society where a job it is a right and is not a privilege, where equality take precedence over the so called liberty or anarchy.

Contrasting to a so called fake fraud and phony Democracy manipulated by the dollar bills where private interest, insane profits, ruthless exploitation, rat race, individualistic, selfish mentality, degradation of ethics principle, moral standard and the environment take precedence over the people interest, welfare and rights must take a back seat. Where women are coerced or expected to have sex with the boss as a precondition for employment and to keep the job..

In a society that believe in liberty and reject equality, the persons who get the most money usually get away with any crime because they could.

Remember that when President Obama wanted universal medical coverage for all Americans, The right wings such as Rush lumbard, Mark Levine, Michal Savage, etc..said that they believe in liberty not equality.

Think about that. The guy with more money has more liberty.

Only a minority could make that claim.

Fouiller, June 30 2010, 8:37 PM

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