Tiba and Dr Feel Are The Same Person

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Dogs will stay dogs, but humans are humans.

Tiba alias Dr. Fiel are two negroes that want corruption to stay as normal fact of life. They are fighting against Preval just for jobs, but you know those rapists and welfare guys will not get a dime from Preval.

They want Dessalines to join them in their stupid fight against Preval.

Dessalines was not and he would never be a Prevalist.

Dessalines criticized all Haitian groups and he is not attached to any group in Haiti.

That is his business, but we love Preval for life. Tiba, Grenn Si, you cannot destroy us and if you continue to rally people against Preval we will destroy you grennsi.

Dokte Fyel, jol boke, we will kick your ass too. Dr. Feel/Fyel is massissi paske Haitian-Arab se massissi.

Bernadette do not listen to those Grennsi.

I believe that you and Dessalines will not join those grennsi.

You and Dessalines have good reasons for not defending Preval, but welfare grennsi like Tiba and Dokte Fey/Feel Bad cannot attack Preval.

They hate Preval for Job. Antonio se yon grensi tou e li se yon vole tou. Map fixe bouda yo si yo pa sispan atake Preval.

Ayiti se yon peyi sou Protectorate American nap mete Preval pou 10 lane anko paske se Obama ki premye chef Ayiti e nou se Obama patizan tou. We pa we Preval la pou dizan.

Dessalines, watch your mouth, for the Protectorate will never end ok. Enhanced Commonwealth with greater sovereignty like Canada is good, but Haitians are not ready for that.

Do not spend your time arguing with an idiot like Tiba grensi.

He does not know the meaning of Enhanced Commonwealth.

Pa pedi tan ou pale ak idiot tankou Tiba e grensi yo rele dokte fey/Dr. Feel.

Ayisyen Patriyot, May 8 2010, 3:49 AM

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