Doctor Feel Bad Admitted the Avenger for indefinite Psych treatment

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The mental condition of the Avenger has been deteriorating since his apprehension and detention three weeks ago.We admitted him against his will on 05-05-2010 at 21:23hours in an undisclosed and secured location.

We were compelled to admitted him because of the following facts:
He exhibits a period of persistently elevated mood lasting several days that cause decreased need for him to sleep.

He writes more on the blog than usual.

He shows preoccupation with hiding real or perceived flaws.

He shows an overestimation of importance, achievements, talents and skills.

He exhibits maladaptive attention seeking behavior.

He shows inability to empathize with others.

His excessive anger and shame in response to criticism often resulting in rage accompanied with filthy language and their corresponding invectives on the blog. He made several homicidal threat against the Arabs-Haitians.

He is detained for treatment as an involuntary patient for his mental safety and for the protection of members of the public at large.

His current tentative diagnosis are:

Schizophrenia on Axis I with features of coprolalia.

Manic depressive on axis II
Narcissism on axis III.

Addendum: The public should feel safe that the Avenger will not be on this blog shouting obscenities.

Dr. Feel Bad
Self appointed psychiatrist in Chief on Preval blog

Dr. Feel Bad, May 6 2010, 6:17 PM

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