I do understand your nationalism, but ask yourself if Haitians...

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I do understand your nationalism, but ask yourself if Haitians are serious enough to prevent Al-Qaeda from taking over Haiti when those crook elites are paving the way for other sad human tragedies to occur there.

From Zenglendos to Kidnappers and who knows those Middle Easterners will not require their criminal gangs to use suicide bombers'attacks to destroy what the international is doing now in Haiti for the sake of maintaining their monopoly over the Haitian market.

You are right that the French mulattoes are much different than those crooks that take over the old French mulatto aristocracy.

Listen, the old French mulatto aristocracy lost their elites'rights and associate or tolerate them in destroying the Haitian economy.

For instance, when the old French mulatto aristocracy was in power in Haiti, the latter was much different and we did not import that many tropical crops that Haiti could produce with all those tranfer houses in Haiti.

Agriculture was promoted, the Haitian economy developed and tourism flourished in Haiti and the latter was a beautiful country.

When those foreigners such as Mews, Saliba (Asalib), Castera (Kazra), Baker, Biggio, Brown, Beaussan, Forbes (for Vorbes), Brandt (from Brand) and others took over the old Haitian mulatto aristocracy they have transformed Haiti as a racketeerian place where dark skinned Haitians have to strive hard to make a living.

That is not the aristocratic elite that I knew when I was growing up. You said that Haiti is not for sale ok, but it is already sold with those unpatriotic people.

For a country not to be sold or on sale, its economic elite should chose political stability.

Our dirty elite always chose political instability over economic prosperity and how do you think this country could survive?

They know the way to opt for political stability to occur in a country, but they would never take that road. The path to create jobs to promote competitions between our fellow Haitian brothers, strengthen our economy by not importing foods that Haiti can produce so Haitian farmers could grow their own foods and distribute them through the Haitian food marketplace, invest in education and the art, build roads, highways and bridges, strong houses to cope with 8.0 earthquake magnitude to reduce economic losses and lives as well and to stop exporting Haitian overseas.

Linda, they would never do that. What can we do with those crooks?

Do you think the old mulatto aristocracy can help us getting rid of those crooks so we can bring back sanity, dignity and decency to the Haitian people before it is too late?

I am following them and watching them carefully in every inch of their move in Haiti and I will take them by surprise believe me and Haiti will be liberated for sure. I go at the United Nations every day lobbying on behalf of the Haitian people for that cause.

I have been asked to be patient and wait for their move in preventing the reconstruction to occur before I attack them. I heard that $163 millions have been spent in 5 days and they refuse to give report to the international community.

I have requested that MINUSTAH leave Haiti so my troops can corner them due to the fact those crooks are currently distributing money to the uneducated masses to revolt against the international community in the months ahead, but that will not work. I have given orders to three different groups in Cite Soleil the other day to take their money and denounce the plot. People will take the streets very soon to denounce that plot and I urge Radio Metropole to diffuse the news so all Haitians overseas can be informed about that.

I told Banki Moon that MINUSTAH should not interfere in protecting those crooks when the plot is unveiled and revealed through the media.

As I told you earlier in my previous postings I will give them an exit path, for I do not carry the name The Avenger to kill, but to restore decency, sanity and economic prosperity to the Haitian people.

My source of funding came through the United Nations, for I represent another alternative for the Haitian people.

Haiti must not die and it is not on sale as you voice it outloud through this blog, but I ask Haitians to be patients and responsible in their fights against those crooks.

Believe me an organized rebellion as financed by the international community will help Haiti's reconstruction to proceed and Haiti should and would be a different country in the Caribbean region.

I do not have any killing goal in my mind, but the plan to liberate Haiti from those crooks is very clear...

Just hope and you will hear about myself and my groups' actions in Haiti in the days ahead...

I pay my respect to you and I greet you as well...

Dessalines The Avenger, April 10 2010, 9:58 PM

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