The Spanish and your grand parents the French killed the...

Calicos Deubos - April 11 2010, 2:40 AM

The Spanish and your grand parents the French killed the Indians anyway.

Since you are a little mulatto woman, you are a byproduct or either French or Hispanic or a combination of both mixed with the Africans.

Now my ancestors are from the Middle East. My grand pa and gran ma are from the Middle East. I will not tell you where since it is none of your business.

I speaks Creole, French and my ancestor languages and dialects.

I have done more for Haiti than your parents and you.Who the hec are you to decide who is Haitian and who is not. While my parents were working 16 hours a day in Croix des Bossales and in rue du Magazin de l'Etat, yours where having good times at Hotel El Rancho, Cercle Bellevue, Cabanne Choucoune, exclusive parties in Furcie, Bois Vernat.

Haiti needs us more than you now because we have the doughs.

Keeps barking on this blog, rou,who, rou,who, silly dog.
Do me a favor, stop bashing the Middle East Haitians.

We are not going to stand for that. We will extradite you all the way to Haiti for you to face our might before you poison the mind of other sans avez Haitians like you. We have the money to do it.You better switch to a different subject on this blog you little envious, jealous bum.

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I am not quite sure what watch you are referring to...

See the related photo:

Rene Preval and Dimitri Acra, Palais National

Haiti's President Rene Preval, left, listens to Dimitri Acra, right, a top businessman, during a press conference at...

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First of all couteau deubous - kaliko deubeau...

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