Scientology trying to move into Haiti

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Scientology is an international crime syndicate that disguises itself as a religious cult. They engange in extortion, black mail and human trafficing.

Because many people in the U.S. and Europe are already aware of them and their methods they are trying to grow into other areas like Central America and Haiti.

This link leads to a message board for people who keep an eye on scientology and try to educate others about the dangers of it. In this thread they have discovered scientology's intention to infiltrate Haiti.

Please learn everything you can to protect Haiti from these
invading slavers.

None, March 20 2009, 1:20 PM

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Mr. President, you are so right. All Haitians should watch out for these Scientology criminals, with their "Dianetics... read more >
Claude, 21-Mar-09 1:33 am
Claude I hope you realize that you are not sending e-mails to Preval, and certainly Preval is not writing any e-mail... read more >
Hercule Dartiguenave, 21-Mar-09 7:10 am
This is such a silly fabrication. I know who I am and I know what Scientology is. I was one of the evil beings who... read more >
Mike Campbell, 3-Apr-09 9:03 pm
RE: Scientology trying to move into Haiti I just had to respond to this in RED! This is such a silly fabrication. I... read more >
Pete, 10-Sep-10 10:00 am
May be if we incorporate the Scientology in the Vaudou that will make the Vaudou several million times more powerful... read more >
Voodoo Vaudou, 11-Sep-10 8:44 pm
Believing with God nothing shall be impossible... Haiti one nation, Under God is the Power to Change our Nation's... read more >
Montresor 2011, 11-Sep-10 9:59 pm
10 yr old Haitian Child Anis Jean Daughter of Claude Jean an associate of Mike Campbell fell off Mike Campbell's roof... read more >
Joenne, 12-Sep-10 8:30 pm


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