HAITI will not be the next Middle Eastern spot. NOT UNDER MY...

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HAITI will not be the next Middle Eastern spot. NOT UNDER MY WATCH.

We fought too damn hard for the past 206 years to let this tragedy happen.

Remember, the nouveau riche, although they do have back up from foreign countries, are still foreigners.

The last time I have checked the Haitian Constitution was a patriarchal society, meaning that: one is Haitian if and only if one's father IS HAITIAN.

It does not matter whether or not one is BORN in Haiti.

If that clause have been eradicated, let me know. In any events.

these people with the foreign names have NOTHING to do with the ORIGINAL French Mulattoes who have fought side by side with the dark skinned Haitians for the liberation of Haiti two centuries ago. These nouveau riche have nothing to do with our cause.

I do not expect them to do anything for the betterment of Haiti as they do not have any past or relationship with Haiti.

They are there to do business; fine, let us find a way to do business with them. What is an issue, however, is HOW Haitians will formulate laws and regulations that they have to follow.

OH, NO, No and No Haiti IS NOT FOR SALE. They can be in Haiti as long as they behave.

We know poverty, it does not scare us.We will manage with or without THEIR HELP. However push come to shove we will deal with the Americans BEFORE we will let anything else happen.

Hell comes high waters HAITI will survive and thrive.

ONLY our heritage will remained and every body else HAS to conform.

IT is as simple as that.

Bernadette S., April 10 2010, 7:59 PM

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