Doremi Fasolla, First and foremost, it would be a false...

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Doremi Fasolla,

First and foremost, it would be a false perception to believe that every mulatto (yellow cayote) or every white person in Haiti is rich and loaded with money, not true at all.

Although my use of words regarding the elite/bourgeois/the rich in Haiti may be harsh with even a dehumanized quonatation, but I want you and everyone else to know that I am not for or against any class in Haiti nor that I hate or like any of them either.

With that being said, I am not that naive, blind, dumb, and stupid to pretend that this segment of the Haitian society has been supportive of/and helpful to Haiti either.

The bourgeois/elite/rich class of Haiti is made up of only 5% of Haiti's population, and we all know that, but unfortunately this class which holds and controls the entire Haiti's wealth is 75% responsible of Haiti's down fall.

When you keep taking out of a country and you are not investing back into the country, after awhile the country will start to deplitate.

Like I mentioned before the elite class was behind every single coup d'etat that took place in Haiti in order to benefit them.

The elite class in Haiti is the most selfish, non-caring, unconscious, heartless, and the most arrogant in the world.

These people can care less whether the entire country of Haiti sinks down the bottom of the ocean floor or survives the earthquake.

Of course, the dark skin Haitians and the Haitian poor are also responsible of their country's down fall. That's what I mentioned in my last message.

The dark skin Haitians and the Haitian poor do help the scum elite to get rich due to the inferiority complex and the slave mentality.

The elite has the resources, the means, the influence to develop Haiti and make Haiti a vibrant country of the 21st century if they wanted to, but refuse categorically to contribute anything to the country.

To answer your questions, yes, the elite is the road block of Haiti's progress, and yes, the elite is 75% responsible of Haiti's down fall. They intentionally and maliciously brought Haiti down to her knees.

You mentioned Aristide and others who stole millions of dollars from Haiti, and yes I agree with you, you're absolutely right about that, except that you forgot these people, too, became part of the Haitian elite once the arrived into power.

Tiba, April 10 2010, 10:22 PM

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