Josy, Sorry for what you and your family had to experience in...

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Sorry for what you and your family had to experience in your own country, Haiti, under the grip of your own government and society.

There are thousands of stories like yours to be told. I would advise you to seek counseling to help you to let it go. It is not good to carry so much anger and resentment inside of you like that. You need to pay and find some therapeutic means to deal with such horrible experience.

I like to add one more thing about the "most Repugnant Haitian Elite" though.

These scums get their grip so tight on Haiti's wealth because of Haitians themesleves who cannot stop kissing foreigners/white skin/and light skin's butts.

Living with them and interacting with them doesn't mean we have to lick their stinkin butts, and that's how Ayisyen ti zorey tet gren welcome and treat these scum bags.

Even in overseas/abroad, you watch it every day how Haitians keep worshiping and ap niche deye blan. This is what we do as a people.

We keep giving all the power to foreingners, to the white, and to the mulattoes (les cribiches chaudes) because we thing they are better than the dark skin, better than Haitians.

A few years ago, I asked my best friend for $5 and he told me he did not have it. However, later on that day a white guy, the next door neighbor, asked him for $50, which he did not have but he went to borrow it from his ex-wife and give it to the guy. I have witnessed these kind of low-life butt kissing inferiority complex going on almost every day in my community between Haitians and white Americans.

This is the kind of people we are and nothing will change in the Haitian society until we change our slave mentality.

Tiba, April 10 2010, 7:31 PM

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