Anyone unscrupulous enough to give up the Haitian nationality...

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Anyone unscrupulous enough to give up the Haitian nationality to become American while we are facing renewed insults and interferences by the U.S. does not deserve any political consideration in Haitian politics.

This country is at the avant garde of all the political machinations in Haiti.

Read about US and its relations with Haiti.

Once they start to accept American-Haitian in the political process in Haiti, no Haitian will be elected in Haiti if he is not an American citizen because Washington will have to select them first.

So Haiti will become a second Puerto-Rico without the meager fringe benefits that Puerto-Ricans are receiving now.Thus Haiti will be officially an undeclared colony of the US. Beside the so called American-Haitian will be immune to Haitian Laws. They will evade the consequences of their crimes in Haiti since they are American Citizens.

Whenever an American citizens is arrested for crime in any part of the world, no matter how heinous the crime is, Washington use the strong arms tactic, coercion,bribery, economic retaliation or all the above for their quick release especially if Washington was behind the crime committed.

Toto Constant is an example.Now he is in U.S. jail because of the so called real estate fraud he committed here. I believe that he is in protective custody here. Haitian who committed crimes in the US stay in jail in the U.S. regardless of public opinion protest, or the Haitian president intervention on their behalf or the Papal intervention.This is the laws of the jungle: might is right.

It is a one way justice and policy.

Look at the Americans that kidnapped the little Haitians after the Jan 12th 2010 earthquake, all of them are back in America enjoying red lobster, the beaches, parties,TV interview, books & movies contracts, and they will not spend one second in jail.

Bobby, March 29 2010, 9:43 AM

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Falcon1, 29-Mar-10 4:00 am
Anyone unscrupulous enough to give up the Haitian nationality to become American while we are facing renewed insults... read more >
Bobby, 29-Mar-10 9:43 am
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