Zac, Stop complaining like a baby and crying over "DUAL...

Pr Sident Ren G. Pr Val - February 16 2010, 11:59 AM

Stop complaining like a baby and crying over "DUAL CITIZENSHIP" tankou timoun k-ap plenyen pou bout pen ak kafe!

It is ONLY to the Haitian Government and the Great Haitian People ONLY to make a decision about that "in due time".

There is a Haitian Congress for this purpose.

Until then, everyone - that includes you too Zac - MUST COMPLY with OUR LAW - or else!

Keep your head up!

Act like a man!

You talking like a "coward".

Are you one of those Eric Holder is referring too?

My Prime Minister JMB explained very clearly for everyone.

Right now, I have near to a million homeless citizens, more than 500,000 persons to relocate, more than 400,000 injured, and hundreds of city mayors who are waiting for my help, and a city to rebuild and my Palace to rebuild.

Do you think that DUAL CITIZENSHIP is above these priorities?

Did the Haitian Diaspora even sent a dime directly to my Government or to any previous Government for that matter?

It is up to them?


I must ignore you or tell you that you are VERY selfish to even bring up this subject in these disastrous circumstances.

You show no compassion for my People.

You are nothing but an hypocrite!

Shame on you, Zac!

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