There is no facts to sustain your claims that the Haitian...

Charles Riviera - February 15 2010, 8:28 AM

There is no facts to sustain your claims that the Haitian Diaspora send such amount of money to Haiti.

I have been researching the contribution of the Haitian Diaspora to Haiti and all these claims are all estimates and the amount varies from one researcher to another.

1) The Haitian diaspora do not use conventional channels or means to send money to Haiti.

They give money to friends and acquaintances and these amounts are not reproted anywhere, thus making the reports inaccurate.

2) The money the diaspora sends to Haiti goes to their close family members and friends and not to the development of Haiti, and not to the Gouvernment of Haiti.

3) Those from the diaspora who contribute the most to the Haiti are mostly the less educated ones. Yet, some smarties deceptively come to make others beleive that they send money to Haiti.

The facts that I have collected show that the wealthiest of the haitian diaspora bring their haitian family and friends from Haiti and immediately stop send any money all together.

4) The poorest of the haitian diaspora contribute the most to Haiti than the wealthiest.

5) The wealthiest in the Haitian diaspora - who contribute less to Haiti - are too confortable in their adopted nation to do anything positive for Haiti.

The Haitians on the ground know it very well. That is why the Haitians will not trust its diaspora mostly because they are TOO ARROGANT!

(I leave other supporting arguments for your response, if you have any).

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