Coalition for a better Haiti

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I still beleive coalition is the key. I'm a political science student with a background in investigation in criminal justice.I'm pursuing my PHD in Policy Analysis in Washington DC. I travel a lot in different countries and I saw the poorest country where the governement have a coalition the country went smoother.

I will be the first to be volunteer for this matter, I beleive we can do better, we can clean our country and unified for one goal. First we must to know how to clean Haiti, than alfabatization than open the door to the tourist is anotherthe key. I knew it in my heart Mr. Preval will be doing a good job and just remember when we used to received tourist in Haiti the street where clean the airport was amazing, no fear to stay in the street after midnight, hello we can do it. Every holliday are street used to be decorated by his own citizen, no fear. I just Haiti to be Haiti again (La perle des Antilles )


Andrise, May 12 2007, 8:24 PM

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